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The Toronto Korean Festival | 토론토 한인 대축제

Welcome to The Toronto Korean Festival (TKF), your gateway to the vibrant world of Korean culture in the heart of Toronto!

Formerly known as “The Korean Harvest Festival,” TKF is dedicated to transforming the Willowdale area into a thriving hub for Korean culture. As the largest festival of its kind, TKF celebrates the exponential growth of Korean culture, fueled by the global phenomenon of Korean dramas and K-Pop groups.

With a staggering 65,000 attendees last year, TKF has firmly established itself as a highlight on Toronto's cultural calendar. Featuring an array of food and market vendors, captivating traditional performances, and electrifying K-Pop events, our festival promises an unforgettable experience for all.

In 2024, TKF returns with an even more exciting lineup, showcasing the best of Korean culture, from K-Pop and K-Dance to K-Food and K-Beauty. Signature programs such as singing & dancing competitions, the Chimek Pavilion (featuring Chicken + Beer), and the bibimbap Pavilion will make a triumphant return, alongside new attractions including a breakdancing team.
Prepare to be dazzled as TKF 2024 delivers non-stop excitement and entertainment, featuring a dynamic mix of international and local talent. Join us for a weekend of celebration, exploration, and cultural immersion at The Toronto Korean Festival – where the spirit of Korea comes alive in the heart of Toronto!



Get ready to dive into the heart of Korean culture at The Toronto Korean Festival! Our goal? To light up Toronto and beyond with the electrifying energy of Korea. With a dazzling array of events and programs, we're all about fostering connections and sharing the love for Korean heritage.

Thanks to the dedication of the Korean Canadian Business Association (KCBA), we're cooking up an unforgettable experience that'll have you dancing with joy. From mouthwatering food festivals to jaw-dropping performances, we're here to celebrate our rich heritage and bring the Toronto Korean community closer together.
So come on, join the fun! Let's embark on this epic journey of cultural discovery and celebration. Together, we'll spread the love for Korean culture and make Toronto shine brighter than ever before!


Over 20 food and snack booths will be offering a variety of traditional Korean and fusion food so you can sample the many unique flavours Korea has to offer. Crowd favourites will be available such as Korean hotdogs, Tteokbokki (떡볶이), Bingsu (빙수), and much more! We will also be hosting a “BibimBap” section where attendees can learn and make their own bowl, and a “Chimek Garden” where we will be offering an ever growing popular combination of Korean Fried Chicken and Beer (as well as other alcoholic options). We invite you to experience!

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